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Angela Ferguson 

Owner + Lead Florist

Hello! I'm Angela, the lady behind the blooms. Thank you so much for visiting my page, I'm happy you are here!


I have over 5 years experience as a wedding florist as well as a Bachelors of Honours in Mathematics for Commerce. Totally expected for a florist right? Right. Wait what?


Well here's the deal I was born and raised in Kenya, a country that celebrates the beauty of flowers locally and internationally. Not only are flowers one of Kenya's largest exports, they are also used to adorn all wedding celebrations. You cannot have a wedding without flowers (and cake) in Kenya.


My love for flowers is deeply intertwined with my identity and early experience of growing up with the beauty of flowers. Flowers evoke love, celebration, passion and joy. To me, you can't have a wedding without flowers.

As a floral designer I use my flower obsession and experience to carefully choose my palette and flower choices to compliment colour schemes. I strive to select quality blooms that will feature in your arrangements, creating beauty and joy to help you truly have a gorgeous and unforgettable celebration.

Meaning of the name

"Little" because this started from a small idea that I could grow and develop my passion for flowers through floral design.
"Buds" because this business started as a way to support friends on their wedding days.
"Posies" because well, this is a floral design business after all!

I consider it an honour to work on weddings and special events and strive to provide beautiful floral designs to complement your vision and aesthetic.

So let's start the conversation & bring the undeniable beauty of flowers to you and yours.

Stunning flowers! I was so impressed with the elegance to my bouquet. Angela talked with me to see what I envisioning and provided her professional input and what would be in season. Such a pleasure to work with and no stress!

Carrie, Toronto

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