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5 Ways to save money on Wedding Flowers


Is it actually possible to save money on wedding flowers? YES. When I am constructing proposals for my clients and even during the consultation I often ask, what is the most important part of the day for you? I want to focus on this moment or place or suggest a focal point or better yet a backdrop to the real focal point- your love story.

When you find a great florist they will be able to help you highlight areas of your wedding where they can create impactful designs that will suit your needs. Let's be clear though, flowers are a luxury item so knowing where to spend your money is essential to making sure you make good savings.

Here are a five suggestions I often offer to my clients.

Opt for a Statement Piece

Most of your pictures will be taken during the ceremony. Why not add a statement piece to your ceremony? Something unique and impactful and yes perhaps even over the top. In some cases your statement piece can be moved to the reception space. I have a number of rental pieces that have been designed to be easy to repurpose and use throughout your day. With this in mind, you get a two for one deal where your ceremony space is covered and part of your reception like the head table or perhaps welcome table.

It should be noted that you opt for your own arbor piece, you will have to have a florist onsite to repurpose this design. This may not be the most cost effective idea as you will have already put in time and money to make the arbor, then you have to think of the time for the florist to stay onsite and basically redesign your flowers during cocktail hour which may not be so seamless if your ceremony and reception venue are at the same location.

Consider an Intimate Wedding

Lets face it fewer people means a smaller overall budget and less stress. With fewer people you will have less tables to decorate and perhaps a smaller bridal party. Weddings with a high guest counts often result in a large number of centrepieces. Those centrepieces add up and can easily cost more than a statement piece.

If you don't want to exclude many people consider having a low key party later with more friends and family. At least then you won't have the stress of rentals, a wedding venue, photographer and all that jazz.

Choose Spring

There are a wide variety of flowers that are available locally during spring. Many of these lovely spring blooms are relatively inexpensive but equally stunning and elegant. Of course there are a few pricier ones like ranunculus and peonies, but at the height of their seasons usually in mid April -May (for ranunculus) and mid June (for peonies) they are focal flowers that will create show stopping pieces. With peonies for example you don't even need as many blooms to make a stunning piece.

Another widely popular spring bloom is the tulip. You can do a whole wedding with tulips. They can create effortlessly styled centrepieces and they are often featured in petite bouquet inspirations.

Petite Bouquets

Petite bouquets are all the range in 2023. Although I love large bridal bouquets when you look at high end weddings, their money is spent on statement pieces. Ok, so you don't have a high end budget but you want the high end look. This is definitely the way to go. Smaller bouquets are the way to go especially when you don't want a small bridal party. You want all your girlfriends, cousins, and besties to stand up with you. This is the way to do it.

Ditch Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres often get smooshed when people hug especially when they congratulate the groom. Opt for a classy pocket square for the guys that can be worn over and over again. You can also add in some colour to compliment the colour scheme.


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